Father to Frank, Hal, Jimmy,and Robbie and of course Ellen.

Leader of Beginnings.

Married to Andrea Winters.

CIA pre plague

Taken from 'The Big Ten Beginnings Series Books 1-10' - Kindle Unlimited Location 84639, 97%

"Patriarch of the story. Leader of Beginnings. Father to Frank, Jimmy, Hal and Robbie. He is strong and tough.crass at times. He was a widower at 28 with four boys and had a slew of wives to follow. He is CIA, and good at his job. When we are introduced to Joe he is 52 years old. He and his partner Brian, chase the 'deliverer' of the virus into the New York Subway where it was released. Joe heads to Ashtonville when he realizes it's 'the big one'. He is our chief witness to man's demise and he organizes survivors for the dystopian society. It is often said Joe's perfect world is a post apocalyptic society,"