Henry Kusakari, age 28, makes his appearance early in the first book of Beginnings during the plague as Dean's reluctant assistant in giving care to the afflicted. He is not medically trained but is an electronic, mechanical wizard and is adept at analytic reasoning..He travels with Dean to Ashtonville and they meet with Ellen and her family and crew.

Henry is a pivotal character and becomes Ellen's and Frank's best friend. He is initially appointed one of Beginning's three council members. He is adept at physical combat and readiness to protect Beginnings, as trained by Frank,

But, he has very annoying personal characteristics that annoy everyone! He is a verbal worrier, complainer and is happiest when the attention is on him. His needs rank highest!

He is of Asian descent and singly represents the world's Asian community, in Beginnings.

Henry has gray moral boundaries and that brings conflict between he and Ellen. He father's Nick, by Ellen, after a questionable drunken friend assist.