The Hero. Oldest of the Slagel Brothers. Ellens soul mate and best friend. Military pre plague. Head of security in Beginnings. Eventually the President. Dna mutated by accident by Dean Hayes.

Frank, Frank, Frank.......! He is all that and more! 'I am' , 'Always' . Crass, loud, annoyingly dense, BIG and TALL, dark hair, great dad, loyal, and naive! A military genius.

The following taken from 'The Big Ten Beginnings Series Books 1-10' Kindle Unlimited,'Bonus Extras' -

" Oldest son.Active Duty Army, E-8, Infantry division. Prior to the plague, Frank was married but continuously cheated on his wife with Ellen. Has known and been in love with Ellen since they were eighteen. Has four children. Three of his children, the youngest three died during the plague time frame. However, it was Frank's wife Kelly who poisoned them then took her own life. Frank is cold, strong and the hero of the story. Often times unlikeable, he is the most redeemed character."