Frank Slagel, in a relationship off and on since college, even when married to other people. Has 1 biological child with her but considers all of her children his.

Dean Hayes, meet during the plague (or at a lecture depending on which time ripple)has three children together. Married and divorced and off and on with Ellen.

Elliot Ryder, Hals right hand man, had leukemia but Dean and Ellen treated him for it and is in remission. Very platonic.

Robbie, Franks brother, loves Ellen but wouldn't go there because he is Franks brother.

Jess, Society spy and Robbies roommate. In love with Robbie but enjoys spending time with Ellen.

Creed a.k.a. God, leader of a community in California, tried to keep Ellen when his people found her and Robbie after a helicopter crash. Frank fought him so Ellen would be released.

Mike, leader of Lodi, is taken with Ellen when he meets her because she looks a lot like his late wife, then comes to know her and just likes her.

Henry, been in Beginnings from the start. Good friends with Ellen until he took advantage of her when she was drunk then lied about it. Has a child with her.