Dr. Catherine Donovan from the Centers for Disease Control has one mission in Silent Victor. To figure out how to try to save the world from a situation that is impossible to stop.

Any and every other thing is secondary to that mission. From her initial suspicions that Carrington was more than the government would tell her, through her journey to track down a sliver of impossible hope; her only focus and concern is about how to save the world from the tragedy it faces...even if it means recommending President Hadley bring in "that arrogant little shit" Major Dean Hayes.

With her recommendation to the President made, Catherine leaves for New York to make an assessment of what is taking place there and see if it can be contained. Her assistant Jim and associate Jeff travel with her.

Upon arriving, they start setting up the CDC equipment so they can begin trying to figure out what is happening in the hospital. Catherine meets Dr. Crimson, from the Health Department, and the news is grim. They are overloaded with patients and have no direction to go. Dr. Donovan informs Dr. Crimson that the CDC currently believes that it started in a subway station near the hospital and that a special team from the CDC is there looking for information. Dr. Donovan then orders that the hospital be locked down, in an initial attempt at containment.