Dean Hayes is a Lieutenant in the Army, active duty. He is top in his field as a Virologist and DNA Specialist.He is tasked with finding a cure for the plaque..Between finding the cure and, as a physician, taking care of the plaque victims he realizes how overwhelmed he is with the amountt of help that he has. He sends his father, Dr. William Hayes, to a small town in Ashtonville to aid a small group of healthcare workers.He and Henry finally have to leave their post and travel to this small town.

Dean is approximately 40 years old at this time. He is short of stature, good looking,and an ego as large as his head! He is the only son of William and that plus dedicating his life to his work has left him socially inept. No surprise that when he arrives in Ashtonville and meets and works with Ellen, he becomes romantically attached in an immature, first love teenage way. He is far behind in the ways of romance and its downfalls.Especially when he realizes his competition is Frank!

Dean is a pivotal character through out the entire series. His research, which produces questionable benefits to the community of Beginnings, and his life with Ellen, and his fights with Frank are sterling drama and comedy!