Carrington Island is a location in the Beginning Series.

In Silent Victor we learn that Carrington Island is located 125 miles north of Kauai, Hawaii. The island was dedicated to the research of biological growth formulas by the Carrington Company.

The people who lived on the island were employees of Carrington and their families.

A distress signal was sent from the island to the main office of Carrington, which in turn brought the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to the island, specifically Doctor Catherine Donovan. The CDC had been receiving warning faxes stating "Get ready. Be prepared."

Seventy two hours prior, all the residents, except for two, had suddenly, painfully, and abruptly died, all at the same time where ever they happened to be. Along with the residents, all the birds on the island had also died, laying where ever they fell.

Whatever had caused the people and birds to die was a mystery to Doctor Donovan; however, she determined it had to be something that Carrington was working on. The unknown chemical substance had left the bodies shriveled, blistered, and drained of all their fluids.

This is where Catherine Donovan first encounters Lieutenant Dean Hayes, U.S. Army, who is also investigating the tragedy. Catherine and Lieutenant Hayes clash over who is in charge. Catherine doesn't know who Lieutenant Hayes is, only that he is an "arrogant little shit." Catherine's assistant informs her that he is Lieutenant Hayes, a virologist, DNA specialist and the top mind in his field. Catherine thinks he looks 12 years old.

Lieutenant Hayes learns that the unknown substance is a biological agent that had been released into the air when Carrington's ventilation system reversed itself during an accidental spill. Lieutenant Hayes determined that the biological agent is a synthesized deadlier version of bubonic plague mixed with H1N1 and H5N1.

Lieutenant Hayes didn't know if there was a connection to what happened on Carrington Island and the warning faxes received by the CDC, but it was his opinion they should be taken seriously because if the warnings were legitimate, it could mean Armageddon.