1. PLAGUE - This was before Beginnings was founded, but was the main reason Beginnings was founded!
  2. SAVAGES - Parts of humanity that were once people but had 'evolved' into wild, human beasts. Their mode of weapons were spears and arrows and their maniacal, rapist behavior.
  3. SURVIVORS - Those people who would find their way to the gates of Beginnings for entry. How do you decide who of them that are good and can be accepted into the community or those that only want to enter and steal and destroy Beginnings for their own purposes.
  4. THE SOCIETY - The army of people, led by George Hadley, bent on the destruction of those who live in Beginnings, for the purpose of overtaking it for their own
  5. CME's - Computer Manipulated Entities, designed and manipulated by The Society as part of their army population. They were humans equipped with computer chips placed in the frontal lobe..Frank's special name for them was SUT's or stupid uniform targets.
  6. KILLER BABIES - Friend (of Frank's ) or foe,these were deadly opponents equipped with speed of 55 miles or grater and a set of vicious teeth.