Beginnings, Montana- Initially known as 'The Garfield Project', is a private, federal government compound built in the 19?? for the purpose of repopulating the earth with 50 handpicked people in the event of TEOTWAWKI.

George Hadley, the former President of the United States before the plague, was able to monitor 'life signs' of any groups of people that survived the plague. He had in hand the document and map that described and could lead a group to this area. George finds the group from Ashtonville and presents the proposal for all of them to relocate to this compound and rebuild humankind.

This area was renamed Beginnings. It is 25 square acres of farmland, and open areas for expansion. There are greenhouses and warehouses. Houses built in rows and fully move-in ready. Heating and solar generators and plumbing are available. What is needed is restocking of all products needed for TEOTWAWKI and future survival. Security is maintained by natural rock formations, electric fencing and tunnels leading underground and to the entrance and exit that is gated.